A few words about me

My name is Michael Jahrer and I come from Lieboch, it is located in Austria near Graz.


Graz University of Technology, 2003-2006, Bachelor study Telematics
Graz University of Technology, 2006-2009, Master study Telematics
MSc in Computer Science, Graz University of Technology, "Techniques for the Combination of Multiple Predictors Applied to Recommender Systems", January 2010


A. Töscher, M. Jahrer and R. Legenstein. "Improved Neighborhood-Based Algorithms for Large-Scale Recommender Systems". In 14th ACM Int. Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD2008), Las Vegas, Workshop on Large Scale Recommender Systems and the Netflix Prize. [pdf]

M. Jahrer, A. Töscher and R. Legenstein. "Combining Predictions for Accurate Recommender Systems". In 16th ACM Int. Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD2010), Washington DC, Research Full Paper. [pdf]


Netflix Progress Prize 2008 Winner
Netflix Grand Prize Winner


I'm a developer at commendo research & consulting, we are focused on recommendation systems for productive usage.


michael [dot] jahrer [at] commendo [dot] at

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